Friday, October 23, 2009

Foreign Language Education at Fairfield Warde High School

Contributed by Tara Lerman (Fairfield County)

At Fairfield Warde High School, we have a wonderful foreign language department. Students have the option of taking Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, or Chinese, and some people even choose to take more than one. As a junior in High School, I am in my third year of Latin, and I absolutely love it. I have learned so much in so little time.

There are also clubs and honors societies in which many students choose to participate. There is a Spanish Club, a French Club, a French Honors Society, a Latin Club, an Italian Club, and an Italian Honors Society. Each foreign language club at Fairfield Warde sponsors and pays for exciting trips and activities for students to engage in. For example, we have Italian Day , where Barlow's, our school restaurant, cooks a delicious all Italian meal to share with the whole school. Our Latin club pays for Latin Day every year, where we join Latin Students from all over the state who dress up in togas and spend a day at Holiday Hill. Not only do we get to miss school on this special day, but we have the opportunity to play games like soccer, tennis, and volleyball, and enter academic contests on topics such as geography and mythology. The Latin Club is also saving up for a trip to the Metropolitan Museum later this year.

If I were to change one thing about the Foreign Language Department at my school, it would be to have more honors societies. There are many Chinese and Latin Scholars who aren't recognized simply because recognition isn't available. Even still, I am very impressed with the Foreign Language Department at Fairfield Warde High School. Almost all of the teachers offer extra help, and the textbooks are straightforward and easy to follow. I hear about many schools in Fairfield County having poor foreign languages departments, but I guess we just aren't one of them.

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